Links to our favourite sites.

bullet Golden Retriever Club of America
bullet American Whippet Club
bullet Florida Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Club
                  A golden retriever club representing the West Central Florida Coast.
bullet Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club
bullet Tampa Bay Kennel Club
bullet E Whippetzine
                  A whippet magazine online – wonderful updates, interviews, and pictures!!
bullet The GRWeekly
                  This site lists many North American Golden Retriever Kennels. An excellent Stud dog directory of North American Goldens is included among many other listings.
bullet k9 database
                  The most complete Golden Retriever pedigree database available world-wide.
bullet DogWebs
                  The very best of all possible web design companies. This company is highly recommended by us, and we hope that you will take a moment and tour the DogWebs site.

Links to other sites

                 Fabulous website to compare dog foods — the site gives you the ratings and why they are rated as they are – you may be surprised. I highly recommend this website
bullet Uma Rapiti Photography
                 Awesome action photography of sighthounds in competition!
bullet Golden Retriever Club – UK
bullet Hound Hollow Whippets
bullet Saffire Goldens
bullet Heartland Whippets
bullet Spiritlodge Goldens
bullet Earth View
                 This link shows the earth as viewed from space and the sunrise/sunset view of the planet at the very minute that you access the site.It allows you to zoom in on regions and cities day or night. A really neat site!
bullet Timeticker
                 This is a wonderful site that allows you to find out to the second, exactly what time it is anywhere in the world as compared to the time zone that you live in.
bullet Daily Rays Golden Retrievers (Finland)
                 Daily Rays Golden Retievers – Finland. Home of “Sulo” – Multi National Champion Lorinford Harlequin! – Website for your Kennel

www.DogWebs.Biz – Website for your Club or Business